A Shopping Puzzle


Ladies, you’ve probably noticed over the years there is no consistency in clothing sizes from one brand to another.

In the garment industry, one brand’s size tag might indicate an 8 while another brand’s indicates a 1 ~ which can also mean a Medium; However, if your hips are a bit larger, you might need the 10 or the 1.5.  Another example is a clothing store has updated their sizes to smaller measurements. What once was a Small/8 is now a Small 6/8. Confused? You are not alone.

It comes down to vanity sizing. What? Yes, the garment industry adjusts the size numbers to, well, convince women they are really a smaller size then they thought they once were.  Once a woman takes a garment into the dressing room to try on, she discovers it does ‘not’ fit.  So, additional sizes, perhaps three or four, is a must to try on just to get the ‘right’ size.

Sorry to say, there is no sizing standard among brands or manufacturers. This makes the shopping experience tedious.  It shouldn’t have to be that way, but it will until the garment industry come to a standard sizing agreement.

Many women stick with tried and true brands that complement their Clothing Personality and fit because they know the brand’s sizing.


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Closet Full of Clothes ~ Yet Nothing to Wear?

Recently, I serviced a client who was very confused and discouraged with the clothes in her closet. She exclaimed, ‘Help! I Have Nothing to Wear and you can see, my closet is full of clothes!’

0 to wear

She is not alone. The average woman spends approximately $2,500 on clothing, wears only 20% of her clothes 80% of the time. Why? Below are a few factors that play into this stressful situation.

  • Impulse Shopping. Buying clothing because you just can’t resist.
  • Shopping with a girlfriend who encourages you to buy, and usually what ‘she’ likes and feels you should too. She means well, but her style is not suitable for you.
  • Department Store/Boutique clerks do not know your silhouette or seasonal palette; Their job is to sell the merchandise.
  • Shopping without a Plan.
  • No Budget.
  • Missing are the Knowledge and Tools to determine which styles and colors are flattering for you.
  • Missing a full-length mirror.

Can you relate to any of the above factors?

Everyone’s lifestyle is different. The wardrobe needs will vary, for instance, from that of a stay-at-home mom, executive or retiree.

Following the appointments, my client was happy and relieved that she could now ‘see’ the clothes in her closet and had a handle on working ‘with’ her wardrobe. She is now able to dress with less stress and walk out her front door with confidence.

Learn how to stop spending money on things you’ll never wear. 


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