Dress to Impress. A Few Words to Gentlemen

A person meeting you for the first time will make approximately one dozen impressions about you within 30 seconds.

Below are a few tips you just might want to consider to look your best.

Get fitted for the classic navy suit. It’s a must for your wardrobe and will take you anywhere. Mix ‘n match it to expand your wardrobe.

Stripes are not exclusive to Zebras. Add a striped shirt to your wardrobe. This season the stripes are bigger and bolder. The finishing touch? A subtle patterned fall weight tie.

SUIT and TAILOR jpegBuy the highest quality clothing, accessories, and business tools you can afford. Paying attention to details will help set you apart.

Clothes wear out. Check for frays, holes or piling. Replace!

If you’ve lost or gained weight, be it muscle or fat, make the adjustment with alterations or replace the garment. This is where a good tailor makes you look your best.

Shoes also wear out, so do replace worn soles and heels. Keep shoes polished.

WORN and STORAGE jpegAnother important partner for your team is a good dry cleaner. They know their business and how to keep your clothing investment in tip top shape; Think ‘mystery stain’.

 Wind down for the weekend with a quality leather strap watch.

The casual short plaid jacket is in this season; Zip it or button it – your preference. Great for layering.

Take your deep tone top coat to the next level with a tartan plaid scarf; Red comes to mind; However, be sure it is the correct shade per your season palette.

Invest in a shearling jacket. It will last for years!CASUAL and COLOR jpeg

Step into a shoe and a boot that you can wear through rain, sleet and snow.

Of course, the versatile denim shirt is always in style for a trip to the apple orchard, casual events and errands.

Remember to add a long sleeve polo shirt.

A sport coat is extremely versatile. It’ll be your grab-it-and-go jacket and elevate your chinos or jeans.

Be comfortable with your body type and clothing style. When you learn which styles best suit you, you’ll feel terrific. When you look good, you feel good and that projects confidence to others.

Get a handle on your closet. It is important to be able to go to your closet and not be overwhelmed by what you see or can’t see. Hang suits on wooden hangers that include a slacks bar, not a wire bar which will cause a crease. Remove dry cleaner bags before hanging garments in the closet as many fabrics need to ‘breathe’.

FOOD STAINS and INSECTS jpeg Regularly change out seasonal clothing and shoes. Clothing should be laundered or dry-cleaned prior to storage (Insects love soiled clothing). Store garments in the appropriate garment bag, container or chest of drawers…remembering cedar blocks and lavender sachets.

First impressions matter. What does yours tell others about you?

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In many parts of the country, summer has not quite left us yet, so it is important to continue protecting your skin from the sun’s rays.

Our favorite products for Men and Women:

Kara Vita’s SPF29 Active DNArescue Sunscreen      (Retails at $24) which meets the most rigorous guidelines for UV-blocking ingredients. The sun’s rays reflect off of concrete, snow and sand. Remember, one can even get a sunburn on cloudy days. SPF29 DNArescue is a moisturizing broad-spectrum formula for complete UVA I, UVA II and UVB protection. This formula serves as an excellent sunscreen product for people of fair skin, a history of sun sensitivity or for anyone seeking to maximize their sun protection. Fragrance and PABA-free, it provides both UVA Photostability and 100 percent UVA block per Australian Standard Testing (clinical testing on file).  For all skin types and ethnicities over age six months (Under six months avoid the sun. Cover with clothing, hats and umbrellas).

Check out the below YouTube Video (about the sun damage that we don’t see and why sunscreen is so important):                                                                   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9BqrSAHbTc&feature=youtu.be

Extend Your Tan                                                                                                               It won’t be long before your tan does start to fade, but no worries as Kara Vita comes to the rescue with its SunDressed® Self Tanner (Retalls at $24). This product is a sunless tanner and moisturizer in one. It creates long-lasting, natural-looking color without the sun. Nanospheres allow hydrating and tanning bioactives to penetrate deep within the epidermis and away from daily surface exfoliation, so results last days longer than other sunless tanning products. Always moisturizing and never drying, choose SunDressed over skin-damaging sun exposure for soft, silky, glowing radiance. May be worn on body and face.

Another fab product we love is Callais Mineral Moisture Tint (Retails at $35.95). This is a good for your skin lightweight, sheer formula to create naturally radiant skin. An aloe-based formula infused with a cocktail of nourishing ingredients is available in Fair, Light, Medium and Dark. Apply in lieu of your foundation and show off a dewey, bronzed face all day long.

Try CallaisFit and Flushed Tinted Beauty Balm (Retails at $35.95). A multi-functional, lightweight, paraben free, oil-free gel that provides flawless, natural looking coverage and adds anti-aging, protective benefits for the skin. This fabulous beauty balm will help repair skin’s texture all the while minimizing the appearance of imperfections. Can be used on all skin tones.

If you prefer Mineral Powder Bronzers, Callais offers two loose and four pressed from a soft shimmer to a dark bronze. Pressed come in a refillable compact with mirror (Products Retail at $19.95 – $35.95).

Mineral Airbrush Bronzer also available (Retails at $25.95).

We love these healthy alternatives for a sun kissed look year ‘round and know you will too!

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Protecting Your Skin During the Winter Months

Winter Lake jpegWinter is here and will stay for a few more months. Temperatures can drop to extreme lows on any given day, so be sure to apply rich, penetrating moisturizers to face, lips, hands and body and dress in warm clothing.  In extreme cold temperatures, it only takes :20 for exposed skin to become frostbit.

  • Wear protective clothing in layers under your winter coat. Add a Hat, Scarf, Mittens, Boots, Earmuffs, etc.
  • 70% of heat is lost through an unprotected head, so do wear a hat.
  • Mittens are better than gloves.
  • Ladies, carry your high heels in a tote and wear non-slip winter/snow boots. You might want to consider wearing silk sock liners over socks or hosiery.
  • Wear sunglasses.
  • Dink plenty of water.
  • Don’t lick your lips.
  • Use a humidifier at home or in the office.
  • Use warm water, not hot, in the shower.
  • Apply a deep conditioner to hair post shampooing and shampoo every other day.
  • Apply moisturizing products to your skin day and night.

See recommended products below.

Kara Vita Skin Care Products.                                                                                            Use a gentle, creamy Cleanser for the face and body.   Choose from 3 Gentle Regimen Cleansers for face and the combined power of Shea Butter, Medical-Grade Lanolin and the sea’s Bio-Marine Complex in the Hydrating Body Wash for body.

Indulgence * is the most nano-intensive face formula releasing rejuvenating marine extracts and a 9% concentration of transdermal and essential oils.

Instantly hydrate and nourish dry skin while stimulating cellular renewal with marine extracts infused Hydrating Facial Masque *.

Everyday Penetration Cream * is the most potent body moisturizer in the line. Also, available is the Everyday Penetration Lotion *. A double-blind study found this deep-penetrating formula proved to be as effective on dry skin as the leading prescribed drug!

Lips deserve a fast-acting formula in Lip Tender * which provides lasting moisture, nourishing age correction and protection.

Hands and Cuticles will benefit from Hand Tender * and Cuticle Tender *. Both are designed to dry quickly so you can get on with your work or play. The size is easy to carry in handbag, tote or briefcase. You might want to consider placing them on your desktop or in a desk drawer.

Noteworthy, is that only Kara Vita carries the patent on 8-hour delivery of ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin. FDA regulated Kara Vita guarantees purity of ingredients, penetration from the surface of the skin to the deeper epidermal layers, and potency of the highest concentration of the purest ingredients ~ going beyond temporary or surface improvements.

Place a Kara Vita Order in January and you’ll receive the FREE Ten Best Facial Foods that will nourish the complexion and complement Kara Vita products.

Kara Vita offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. They will switch out a product at no cost or refund your money.

* Nanospheres carry ingredients, releasing at least 80% for eight hours or more for moisture and corrective action.

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January 2014

Reference Contributors: Kara Vita, Joy Stynchula

Safely Extend Your Summer Tan Through The Winter Months

At Confident Image, we regard Sun Protection as the No. 1 Anti-Aging Tool. We’ll be discussing Kara Vita Products and the recommended steps to lift your spirits through the long winter ahead. The products we are going to share are some of our very favorites!

We have, for many years, highly recommend refraining from sun bathing or use of tanning bed . . . and for good reasons. Ultraviolet Rays cause

  Damage to the Skin – our largest immune organ.

  Destruction of Vitamin A in the Skin

  Skin Cancer Development

 Damage to the Skin’s Elasticity and DNA

Sundressed ® Self-Tanner is a moisturizing tanner that will give long-lasting, natural looking color due to bioactives that penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. Always moisturizing (With Shea Butter, Sesame Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil) and never drying – this product allows a soft, silky glowing radiance.

Step No. 1. Now that Summer has faded into Fall, it’s time to smooth away old dead cells with Glycol-X Products. They will gently resurface and improve wellness in all-over facial skin tone. These products may be used on the neck and décolleté as well. For beautiful results, begin using these products now for 3-4 weeks, implementing them into your daily regimen. Note: Following use of Glycol-X products, one must apply Sunscreen. Now you are ready to go forward to extending your bronzed glow!

Step No. 2 A. Post Glycol-X use, return to your regular Kara Vita Skin Care Regimen (Balancing, Hydrating or Purifying) and include SECRET CODE™ DNArescue ™Lotion. If you’ve decided not to use the Glycol-X Products, exfoliate face and neck using the PBH Exfoliating Masque (A gentle masque that works within :10 to remove dead cells without irritating healthy ones. Use once to twice weekly.

Step No. 2 B. Exfoliate and polish the body using Fresh As A Daisy® Exfoliating Body Wash, followed by the elegant Fresh As A Daisy® Body Lotion or PeEveryday Skin® Penetrating Lotion (Either will moisturize and nourish all through the day. Reapply every 8-hours, if desired).

Step No. 3.  Apply Sundressed® Self-Tanner to face and body using light even strokes and massage in well. Apply lightly to elbows, knees and heels. Remember to include ears and back of ears. Immediately wash hands. Apply a small amount to backs of hands and rub backs of hands together. Clean up nails. Be sure to allow product to dry before getting dressed.

Step No. 4.  Moisturize face and body daily to extend the life of your tan.

Repeat Steps 2 – 3 until the desired tone is reached.

It’s important to remember that the above products ‘do not ‘contain sun protection (except for Face Essential w/SPF15).

Tip: Look younger and make that tan stand out! Whiten teeth and wear your most flattering shades of color cosmetics, clothing and accessories in your Season’s Palette            {Color Analysis}.

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