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What Not to Wear in Business ~ Women

Animal Print

Animal print can be worn in the office (If the company dress code allows), but wear only one item so as not to be a distraction.  Pair it with solid black, white, grey or brown – depending on the print.

Appropriate Animal Print Business

Cold Shoulder tops and dresses are a no no is business

Do not wear cold shoulder tops/blouses/dresses or with those showing cleavage, party dresses, tube tops or tops that show the midriff. Wear clothing that fits properly. Studies show that women who dress provocatively in a business environment are considered less competent are often passed over for promotions than women who dress conservatively

Short Skirts Tight Clothes No in Bus

Mini-skirts, tight skirts/dresses draws the eye away from your face. Save the short skirts, tight garments and fish net stockings for after work hours or the weekend. Also preferred is to not go sleeveless, to repeat . . . less skin is best. Your office attire should be conservatively flattering rather than flashy and distracting. You’ll come off as a smart, self-respecting professional.


Open Toes Shoes and Scuffed SHoes no in bus.jpg

Open toed shoes (Toe cleavage) and flip flops are  not appropriate for the office. Shoes should be in good condition – no scuffs, badly worn heels, etc. The appropriate heel height in business is 2″ to 3″ at the max.

Excessive Makeup Tattoos Chipped Nail Polish No in Bus

Apply makeup conservatively for the office. Excessive makeup, tattoos (Camouflage a tattoo with makeup and/or wear clothing to hide it), body piercings and unnatural hair colors are definitely some of the worst faux pas you can make.

Statement Jewelry and Hair No in Bus

Statement jewelry is considered tacky in the business world. It is difficult for the eye to focus on your face. Less is more ~ Follow the Jewelry 3 Rule. Also, style hair conservatively; Avoid extreme styles as in the photo on the left.

Too much perfume a no in bus

Perfume overload is rude in and out of the business environment. Perfume should be applied sparingly.  It is meant to be smelled close (For example during a hug). What you like will not be liked by someone else and there are individuals who have allergies to perfume.

Appropriate Business Attire Women

Appropriate Business Jewelry Handbags Briefcase

There is no excuse for peek-a-boo bra straps or bulging panty lines in this day and age. Wear the right fitting bra and shape wear (Recommended is a lightweight shaper for everyday wear – one that holds everything in, but not so tight that you can’t breathe). Many stores offer a lingerie department with trained staff that can help you get the perfect fit of shape wear and bras.

Shapers and Bras

It can be confusing as to just what to wear and how to wear clothing to the office. Finding the right clothing just might need alterations for you to look your very best. For example, pulling a suit off the department store rack with the sleeves too long will make you look frumpy.

Details are important. Take a look around your office and take note of what the managers are wearing. Some industries offer a more relaxed dress code than others, so it is important that you learn it.

Successful people learn how to dress. They are knowledgeable of flattering colors and styles that are best suited for them.

Are you dressing for the position you have or for the position you want? 

10 Steps to a Beautiful Holiday You!

Holiday Parties are being planned. Will you be ready?

Don’t stress. Relax. Make a plan on how you’d like to project yourself this holiday season.  Learn to say no. Reserve time for you. The holidays are stress packed enough, but you need not be.

Below are beauty products and tips to help you get ready for the upcoming holiday season.


CLEAN COSMETIC BRUSHES AND TOOLS (Daily or weekly depending on use) Use a gentle, alcohol-free cosmetic tool cleaner. A quick drying, spray-on formula that  instantly cleanses, purifies and removes all makeup textures from synthetic and natural hair brushes will make your makeup task quick easy and stress-free.  Recommended:  Callais In an Instant Brush Cleaner

DON’T SKIMP ON FACIAL REGIMEN  Enhance your skin’s tone, texture and appearance and your complexion will glow with a healthy radiance and luster.  Recommended:  Kara Vita Medi-Spa Grade Skin Care Products. Developed for your skin type and special needs;  Balancing, Hydrating, Purifying and Clearly It! (Acne).  Products available individual and regimen sets.

Gently EXFOLIATE using Kara Vita’s gentle, non-irritating PBH Exfoliating Facial Masque. Using once or twice a week, within 10 minutes, your skin will be left silky and refreshed. For all skin types.

DE-STRESS AND TAKE YEARS OFF YOUR EYES  The first place stress shows up in on the eyes.  Kara Vita to the rescue for eyes that will look relaxed and youthful. Infused with nourishing antioxidants, botanicals and peptides.  Recommended:  EyeWish! Bioserum (Morning) and Eye Tender (Night)

WIN THE BATTLE AGAINST SAGGING SKIN!  Surgical-like results in just days. Powered with a 45% concentration of peptides and bioactives, Kara Vita’s Up Tight Firming Cream sustains its action for all-night firming repair and hydration.

LUSCIOUS LIPS  Use a treatment containing natural peptides that plump and hydrate, smooth fine lines and improve lip contour.  Recommended:  Callais 24/7

Hydrate, Exfoliate and Protect Your Skin Recommended:  Kara Vita’s Fresh As A Daisy Hydrating Body Wash. Hydrates, rejuvenates and protects dry, rough skin with the combined power of the sea’s healing regenerative and balancing forces ~ featuring Bio-Marine2 Complex! Plus, non-irritating Medical-Grade Lanolin and nourishing Shea Butter. Shower in lukewarm water. Final rinse in cool water. Pat skin dry.

Exfoliate. Recommended: Amie Marie Polished Organic Sugar Scrubs. These gentle sugar scrubs buff away damaged, dry skin on body, hands and feet ~ leaving the skin smooth and youthful (not for face).  Special Offer:  FREE Sample with any Callais or Kara Vita order placed through Confident Image by November 30th.  Mention Code SCRUB1130.

Protect. Target dry skin by applying a hydrating, nourishing and protecting moisturizer.   Recommended:  Kara Vita’s Everyday Penetrating Lotion.  This lotions supplies continuous hydrating action throughout the day. When used once or twice daily, it provides extremely effective relief for common conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. Plus, in a double-blind study this deep-penetrating formula proved as effective on dry skin as the leading prescribed drug.

NOURISHED, HEALTHY HAIR  Use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner and deep treat per your stylist’s recommendations. Shampoo hair in warm (not hot) water; Follow conditioner with a cool to cold water rinse. If you must blow dry, dry using the medium setting and hold dryer at least six to eight inches from hair. Sleep on a 100% silk pillowcase (gentle on hair and skin). Make your Salon Holiday Hair Appointment(s) NOW if you haven’t already.

MANICURED HANDS AND FEET Moisturize hands, cuticles and feet throughout the day as needed. Apply a rich cream :20 to :30 prior to bedtime.  If you haven’t already, make your Holiday Mani, Pedi appointment(s) NOW.

LOOKING YOUR BEST IS IMPORTANT, AND FOR MANY PEOPLE, THE HOLIDAYS IS WHEN THEY TRULY WANT TO SHINE. A healthy diet and exercise program is always beneficial to how we look and feel.  We offer a 6-Week Get-in Shape Challenge. The results are up to your dedication.

COMMON SENSE  NUTRITION Study and practice good nutrition. Cut back on salt, sugar, refined and processed foods. Abstain from tobacco, drugs and excessive alcohol. Remember fad quick weight loss diets, including liquid diets, are just that . . . fads and are only temporary. Don’t restrict yourself to the extreme that you end up binging. Allow yourself one day a week to go off your regimen (within reason, of course). Work with a certified nutritionist, if you feel you need guidance.     

EXERCISE Incorporate an aerobic and weight lifting program into your lifestyle. You’ll be glad you did. Really! Per your fitness level, there are an abundance of exercises you can choose from: Running, Walking, Cycling, Swimming, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Tai Cheng, etc. Aerobic at least :30 daily or :30 five times a week. Get up and move around for about :05 to :10 every hour. Lift weights every two to three days. If you’ve never lifted weights, work with a professional weight trainer.

 Always consult with your physician before beginning any change in diet and exercise, especially if you have a health condition and/or physical limitations.

OH, THAT HOLIDAY OUTFIT DILEMMA! You might ask yourself . . . What colors are most flattering for me? Can I wear black? How do I know what styles are best on me? My closet is a complete disaster and I can’t find anything to wear! I don’t know where or how to shop to save time and money. Our individual services and packages help people project a confident, polished image. You + Confident Image = The WOW Factor.

Gift Certificates are Always the Right Style, Size and Color

Holiday Order Schedule:   In order to guarantee Holiday delivery, please order products on or before   December 4th.

Special Offer:  FREE Sample of Amie Marie Polished Organic Sugar Scrub with any Callais or Kara Vita order placed through Confident Image by November 30th.  Mention Code SCRUB1130.

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A Shopping Puzzle


Ladies, you’ve probably noticed over the years there is no consistency in clothing sizes from one brand to another.

In the garment industry, one brand’s size tag might indicate an 8 while another brand’s indicates a 1 ~ which can also mean a Medium; However, if your hips are a bit larger, you might need the 10 or the 1.5.  Another example is a clothing store has updated their sizes to smaller measurements. What once was a Small/8 is now a Small 6/8. Confused? You are not alone.

It comes down to vanity sizing. What? Yes, the garment industry adjusts the size numbers to, well, convince women they are really a smaller size then they thought they once were.  Once a woman takes a garment into the dressing room to try on, she discovers it does ‘not’ fit.  So, additional sizes, perhaps three or four, is a must to try on just to get the ‘right’ size.

Sorry to say, there is no sizing standard among brands or manufacturers. This makes the shopping experience tedious.  It shouldn’t have to be that way, but it will until the garment industry come to a standard sizing agreement.

Many women stick with tried and true brands that complement their Clothing Personality and fit because they know the brand’s sizing.


Discover Your Clothing Personality here


Closet Full of Clothes ~ Yet Nothing to Wear?

Recently, I serviced a client who was very confused and discouraged with the clothes in her closet. She exclaimed, ‘Help! I Have Nothing to Wear and you can see, my closet is full of clothes!’

0 to wear

She is not alone. The average woman spends approximately $2,500 on clothing, wears only 20% of her clothes 80% of the time. Why? Below are a few factors that play into this stressful situation.

  • Impulse Shopping. Buying clothing because you just can’t resist.
  • Shopping with a girlfriend who encourages you to buy, and usually what ‘she’ likes and feels you should too. She means well, but her style is not suitable for you.
  • Department Store/Boutique clerks do not know your silhouette or seasonal palette; Their job is to sell the merchandise.
  • Shopping without a Plan.
  • No Budget.
  • Missing are the Knowledge and Tools to determine which styles and colors are flattering for you.
  • Missing a full-length mirror.

Can you relate to any of the above factors?

Everyone’s lifestyle is different. The wardrobe needs will vary, for instance, from that of a stay-at-home mom, executive or retiree.

Following the appointments, my client was happy and relieved that she could now ‘see’ the clothes in her closet and had a handle on working ‘with’ her wardrobe. She is now able to dress with less stress and walk out her front door with confidence.

Learn how to stop spending money on things you’ll never wear. 


We offer personalized, confidential services to help pull all of the pieces together.

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