Spring Cleaning On My Mind

March 20th is the First Day of Spring 2012 . . .Vernal Equinox.

Mother Nature renews the earth with beautiful flora and fauna, warmer temperatures and hurrah, longer hours of daylight! According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, in my area of the world,  the sun will rise on March 20th at 6:58A.M. and set at 7:08P.M.  http://www.almanac.com/

For me, spring means, ‘Spring Cleaning’. Yes, we all know that we need to ‘spring clean’ our homes and gardens after the long winter (Ahem, such as it was).

By ‘Spring Cleaning’ I actually mean it is time to rid of old, expired products and refresh your skin care routine and color cosmetics. We’ll talk about spring cleaning our wardrobes in another blog.

Take a look at your cosmetics and if you find a product long past the expiration date, toss it away!.  I’m sure you have one or two favorite products you use sparingly to make them last – whatever the reason – it just might be too old to safely use.

Clients often ask me how long will cosmetic products last?

If your makeup smells bad, looks off in color or has begun to dry out, it is very may well have become a breeding ground for bacteria. Yes, makeup can go bad, even some of the natural makeup products (that don’t have preservatives) can spoil.

Realizing many of us prefer cosmetics without preservatives, fillers, etc. it is a trade-off, but by educating yourself you can prevent germy growths and spoiled products by paying attention to the expiration dates.

Some manufacturers do not stamp expiration dates on their products, so I’ve given you a list below to be on the alert. It might seem tedious, but I suggest charting the product purchase date with a column noting the expiration date or simply note it in your day-timer or a nearby wall calendar.

Pay special attention to sun screens. Your skin needs protecting all day, everyday and you want effective ingredients to work for you. Sunscreens that are exposed to direct sunlight (like if you leave them in the car and that goes for makeup products too!) or high heat they need to be tossed out.

Kara Vita products are infused with high-quality, high-potency botanicals, anti-oxidants and vitamins.  These products (as with any of the type) should always kept tightly closed so as not to expose these ingredients to the air, which can cause oxidation (for instance, this happens to a banana when peeled and cut) and will no longer be effective – not spoiled, just not effective.

Never store your makeup in a bathroom where it is exposed to humidity and heat.

~ ~ ~ ~

Creams/Serums (skin care products). These will need to be tightly closed after each use if in a jar. High temperatures, and light can dry these out. Use a spatula rather than your fingers. Replace after 6 months. A better option is to use products in a pump which are more sanitary. Replace after 12 months. Most creams/serums are used twice daily and will be used up well within the 6-12 month time frame.

Eyeliner. Eyeliner pencils should be sharpened in order for a smooth application and helps to keep bacteria away. Callais Sketchstick Eyeliners Pencils, 2 years.

Lipliner. Lipliner pencils should be sharpened in order for a smooth application and helps to keep bacteria away. Callais Sketchstick Lipliner Pencils, 2 years.

Lipsticks. Replace 2 years.

Mascara. Replace every 3 months – even if you haven’t completely finished the product – a breeding ground for bacteria! Don’t pump the mascara wand in and out. Twirl around in the tube, then apply. Never share your mascara with anyone.

Makeup Brushes. Clean and sanitize your brushes after each application. We recommend our Brush Out! 30 second  Brush Cleaner and disinfectant.  Deep clean brushes at least once a month using baby shampoo or a mild detergent.  Rinse well 1 or 2 times. Don’t soak or you will loosen the glue that holds the bristles together. Gently squeeze dry in a towel. Roll (bristles down) between your hands to extract excess water and lay on a rack or towel to dry. If you can’t recall when you last cleaned your brushes – now is the time!

Makeup Sponges/Wedges. Wash these every 10 – 14 days using warm soapy water. Rinse 1 – 2 times in cool water, squeezing out after each rinse.  Toss 8 weeks after using.

Powder Based Products. Loose or Pressed  replace 2 years.

Cream based Foundation, Blush, Eyeshadows Replace 3 – 6 months.


Portions referenced by skininc


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