I recently sent out a ‘What Product Is Your Must Have of Callais Color Cosmetics and/or Kara Vita Skin Care?’ inquiry to clients.

Below are a few responses.

Golden Taupe Press Mineral Eyeshadow
A neutral medium brown with a golden undertone

Marilyn P. says:  ‘I’m hooked on the Callais Mineral Eye Products, especially the eye shadows. I love the shade, Golden Taupe . I can mix the loose products with water or use as is – very flexible products!’

Amie L. writes: ‘My must have Callais Mineral Product is the Moonlight Luminizer. It is long-lasting, easy to apply and blends well with other Callais Eyshadows. I use this product as the base color, highlight and I LOVE it. It has become a part of my everyday routine. You can opt to wear the Moonlight for a simple day look or even create a neutral smoky eye look with other shades, as well. It is a versatile product in that you can apply to anywhere on the body you want shimmer; face, cheeks, use as an eyeshadow, blend with clear lip gloss and sprinkle in hair. For anyone that loves makeup, I highly recommend giving this product a try!

Joseph L. says about Kara Vita’s All Day Suncare SPF30 – The first thing I noticed was that it feels like a very nice moisturizing product when it is applied. Then, I found it protects much better than any other SPF30 product I have ever used. All the other products have to be reapplied frequently or I get sunburned. With Kara Vita all Day Suncare, I apply it once and forget about being in the sun. It has proved to be all the protection that I need for my light complexion – even in temperatures that exceed 100o in Las Vegas.’

Kate B. loves Clearly It! ‘I’ve been using Clearly It! for years now and it really is the only product that I’ve found that is capable of keeping my face clear of Acne. It’s also a system that makes me feel good about putting on my face, as using a natural product is very important to me. After many frustrating years of being embarrassed about the condition of my skin, I can finally put all that behind me and put my best face forward in not only my day to day life, but my business as well.  Thank you so much for recommending the system to me and taking the time to really understand my needs!.’


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