When I was first introduced to computers and the ‘internet’ (Back in the day, ahem) I was working in a local major corporation’s data center with a whole bunch of techies/programmers and software trainers. Language used I was not familiar with! I had a great resource at hand from 8AM – 5PM. Computer training, software training was available and I indulged to gain knowledge.

After being caught up in the net of one of many reoccurring ‘layoffs’, I accepted the position of General Manager, Gofer (go for this, go for that (^_^)), Secretary and Receptionist in my husband’s home-based manufacturers sales rep business. We purchased our first PC. Wow! We were ecstatic. Sorry IBM Actionwriter 1 Typewriter, you’ve just been replaced by bigger, better and faster.  We’ve come a loooong way since those days. I had to install a seat belt in my desk chair just to ‘secure me in’ for each faster desktop we’ve acquired over the years.

So, what do I use the internet for?

First, it was to keep in touch with family and friends via email. Then, business orders and emails were exchanged with suppliers and customers.

When the world-wide-web opened up there was no turning back to printed materials for research as we could research much faster with our desktop keyboards.

I use the internet to find just about anything I’m curious about – Recipes, Movies, Actors, Health, Politics, Pictures, etc. We now have the pleasure of using SKYPE to keep in touch with our children and grandchildren – such a wonderful tool!

Topics relating to my business are only a click away. I’m currently taking an online instruction class to enhance my skills.

Speaking of business. How up to speed are you in the area of Social Media? More and more, the push is for internet networking and this is the area in which I need to improve upon. Social Media will help to create links into clients and I’m excited about that!

Social Media Bloggerfly Classes are available through Lept Like a Blog. You’ll learn to utilize Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and create a Blog. Sign up with the Chief Blogger today at You’ll be glad you did.


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