Ladies, Don’t Go Into A Meltdown This Summer

When the summer heat kicks up, you still want to look gorgeous, yes?  Of course, but what can I do to prevent my makeup from melting off my face and calling 911? Stay calm. There are secret tips I will share.

1) Foundation.  Use a mineral powder foundation or a tinted mineral moisturizer. These two products can be layered for even greater staying power.

2) Blush.  Apply a cream, followed by powder.

3) Bronzer. In order for your skin to not look moist and/or oily, choose a matte finish – not a shimmer.

4) Eyeshadow.  Apply a cream shadow, or eyeshadow primer, then layer with powder. This will prevent the lid from creasing.

5)  Mist face with a makeup saving mist or if you prefer, dust with a finishing powder.

6) Eyeliner.  Use a waterproof (not water-resistant) liner. Another sure bet is an eyeliner fixative blended with your favorite shadow; then apply with fine line brush. Once either liner,  mentioned, is set, sweep  with a light dusting of finishing powder, if desired.

7) Mascara.  Yes, use a waterproof (not water-resistant) formula. No smudging allowed J

8) Lips.  Summertime is all about being carefree, so use a lip gloss – which’ll keep you looking fresh.

Looking for summer heatproof makeup products? Contact me.


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