What’s So Powerful About Shoes?

What’s so powerful about ‘shoes’ anyway?

Well, to begin with, the foot has more bones than any other single part of the human body. The foot takes a beating every single day and is vulnerable to hazards such hot/cold ground (surfaces), sharp objects (broken glass, nails, rocks, bugs, etc.) Thankfully, shoes protect our feet.

The Areni-1 shoe (below) is a 5,500-year-old leather shoe found (in 2008) in the Arena-1 cave complex located in the Vayots Dzor province of Armenia.


Have you ever walked backwards in your shoes . . .like, start at where you ended up? What would you see that you missed when you started?

What I’m getting at is . . . can you see what others see when they walk behind you? Do you walk with confidence in your shoes?

By the by, what are your shoes looking like these days?  70s -Cab- Mens patent vinyl amazingly groovy black loafer style platform shoes with 4 inch heels and 1 1/2 inch platform soles. These are authentic reproductions (made more recently) of the original 70s loafer platforms. Pair with slightly short leisure pants or bellbottoms for full effect.

Out of style?

Badly worn? Shoes - Fabry Fabry

Heels broken?

I hope you haven’t replaced the hole in the sole with a slice of bologna!

Stop. Don’t throw out the shoe because the heel is dilapidated or there ‘is’ a hole in the sole. Take the shoe to your local shoe repair shop. ShoeOld.bmp (196322 bytes)

Footwear makes a statement – as much of a finishing touch as a fine watch or leather attache. As you think about the walk you always walk, might it occur to you that it is boringly the same? More interesting, then, is the walk backwards, yes?

Change the way you think about what outfit you are going to wear by beginning at the bottom . . .with shoes. Hasn’t a rug or  carpet ever been an inspiration to change the look of a room in your home?

Make a statement with a great pair of shoes. A great pair of shoes says you respect yourself, and when you respect yourself, it tells others you will respect them. People do notice the shoes you are wearing! You wouldn’t wear a tuxedo or an evening gown with a pair of sneakers (would you)? There are appropriate shoes for every occasion and occupation.

Shoe trends for this season are animal skin, prints, leather, tweed and suede; Embellishments, tassels and top-stitching. Heels vary in heights and widths.

I always recommend sorting clothes, shoes and accessories just prior to a new season. Why? To be prepared and organized. To dress with less stress. Think about what is important and what is not important in your wardrobe. My theory is, less is more. Don’t wait until the new season is upon you. This will require ‘focus’ and {in this ‘hurry-up society’ we live in} for some people, this can cause unexpected stress . . . as suddenly, there are items that need repair or replacement and they are totally unprepared for it.

Recently, while working with a client and her fall wardrobe, required a need to shop for  clothes and shoes to mix ‘n match and complete outfits. From the ‘in need of shoes list’ we roamed the shoe departments of local stores and found lots of fun styles, patterns and shades (within her season palette). My client tried on and purchased two pair of dressy- casual shoes; one wedge heel in Titanium and one flat in navy that her wardrobe just could not function without. Both pair of shoes will add just the right touch to make her fall wardrobe come alive.

Be creative when working your way up from your shoes!

Don’t think you can go it alone? Email me here


Referenced portions of this article, courtesy of Karen Hughes


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