Be Thankful For Fall and what you have.    This past week was an emotional upheaval for our country. We, who voted, did what we could to make an impact in how our country is governed; If you didn’t vote and are frustrated as to the way the election turned out, you can’t complain.

However you feel about politics, the economy and what lies ahead, it is time to move on – not to ignore, because I feel it is important to be aware of what is going on regarding our nation and to contact elected officials with our concerns.

So, I always try to concentrate on turning negatives into positives.

The Thanksgiving Holiday represents a time to give thanks for all aspects of your life. For me, I’m very lucky to have a loving, supportive family, a warm home, comfortable bed and food on the table.

I’m also very grateful for all of you!

I encourage you to change what you can! Nothing is accomplished by complaining and worrying if you do nothing to change it.

Perhaps your wardrobe is leaving you unraveled? Think about your wardrobe and how it represents  you. Finding solutions to frustration will lead to success and happiness.

When you are feeling low, wear your favorite color from your season palette! Wear one of your favorite jackets, you know. . . the one you get the most compliments on.

Clear the clutter in your closet. You should be able to see the wall behind the hanging clothes.

If you haven’t yet changed out your season clothes – now is the time. I awoke to see snow on my roof for the first time this fall. Yippee. Snow always makes me smile (I know some of you are saying, ‘ What?!?!’). It’s true, I love winter. I changed out my closet over the weekend and am happy to see the sweaters lined up and ready to be snuggled into as the temperatures drop.

Learn to shop your closet. When you do this you learn to expand, opening up the possibility to mix ‘n match – which will save you time and money during your next shopping excursion.

Did you know that when we are in a hurry it takes about seven to ten seconds to get undressed. Gosh, why then, does it take us so long to get dressed?

The problem lies in the word fashion. Yes, fashion is confusing to many of us. In Spring and Fall the runway gurus show us fashions and color shades they think we need to adorn our bodies with. Styles and Color Shades that don’t fit our personalty and not all of us can successfully wear!

Learning what and does not work for us will make a great First Impression. It is as simple as making the decision to change. I love this statement by Coco Chanel ‘Don’t spend time beating a wall hoping to transform it to a door’. Make a decision to do something to make a positive change, not just think about it. You’ll be glad you did. Truly.

Learning what does and does not work for your coloring and silhouette can be done in a few steps. Would you like to learn what you can to to create a polished, confident image? Email me here

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Are you already planning your December events? If you live in Northern Illinois, mark your calendar for the Geneva Walk & House Tour on December 7th & 8th

Coming up next . . .Winter.

Are you ready?

So, you’ve been invited to a holiday party. Now what?



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