Winter and The Holiday Season


The day after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas Season.  Are you ready?

It’s a crazy time of year – you know . . .the decorating shopping, baking, going to parties and events. Whew!

I try to set a timeline and rules to follow this time of year. How about you?

1. I first try to make a list of what is most important and prioritize.

2. Incorporate daily physical activity, drink ‘lots’ of water – at least eight 8-oz. glasses of purified/filtered water and eat a healthy diet. This will certainly help your body cope with the stress and hopefully fend off a cold or the flu. Oh, yes, get plenty of sleep!

3. Take time to enjoy time for yourself. What do I mean? Well, how about a quiet time to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate (made with skim or soy milk).

Breathe deeply.

Sit back and enjoy holiday music – even if it is in your parked car J.

Go on a walk while it’s snowing – there’s nothing quite like it!

4. Plan well ahead so you’re not caught by surprise, i.e. that Christmas is only 3 days away! Really?

5. Post all events that immediately come up in your calendars. calendar.jpg

6. Don’t try to do too much. ‘Things’ will never be perfect, so accept it. Learn to say NO or you’ll become stressed and exhausted. So what if you don’t get a certain batch of cookies baked – buy a dozen from the bakery. Believe me, they’ll be eaten just as quickly as if you’d spent hours baking them.

7. Try to eat regular healthy meals and, if possible…insist upon dinner at the kitchen/dining table with the family. This is a great time to catch up on the day, tell stories, laugh and enjoy each other.

8. We all want to avoid holiday weight gain. It can be difficult to resist the array of festive foods. So, once again, I plan ahead. I tell myself not to overindulge in these foods and that it’s OK to have a few bites of mashed potatoes, stuffing, buttered rolls, cheese and desserts. I always add extra veggies to my plate too. That way, I’m OK with getting right back to eating healthy foods and continue my workout program. I’ll add five to ten extra minutes to my aerobic workout plus a few extra reps of weights just to burn off a few treats I ate. Not only will this help keep the extra pounds off, but manage stress too!

9. The first sign of stress shows up on our skin. So, the goal is glowing, wrinkle-free skin. Maintaining the blood sugar levels, drinking plenty of water, eating right, exercise and quality skin care products is quite important.

10. Treat yourself to a gift or two during this season. You’re buying the perfect gifts for everyone else – what about yourself? It’s OK to indulge yourself. Try new skin care products or makeup shades. Perk up your wardrobe with a new top, sweater, shirt, tie or accessory. It’s uplifting. You deserve it.

You’ll love the new multi-tasking Beauty Balms in my Callais Cosmetic line. Double Back Age Defying Beauty Balm and Fit and Flushed Tinted Beauty Balm will aid in diminishing the appearance of pores, fine lines and uneven skin tone. Rich, moisturizing, anti-aging products for this time of year – they accommodate all skin types and tones.

If you’d like additional information about the beauty balms and our ‘Holiday Get Glowing Collection’, email me here.  Pre-Orders now accepted up through November 26th. Collections will be delivered/shipped the week of December 3rd.

Happy Holidays!



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