Are you going to be a part of the lean scene for 2013?

Are you still trying to outrun the old overweight you?

For some, well most of us truly, yes?, it is difficult keeping up to keep the weight off – especially as we, ugh, age. My dear friend, Vicki, and I made a pact that we would fight aging every step of the way (we were brave and optimistic 20 year olds at the time).

Well, as we discovered, we needed to make fundamental changes in our thinking and behavioral habits. What my plan has been (and yes, I have strayed, but immediately work hard to get back on track ) is to set a Fit and Healthy Regimen.

No. 1. Chart the Foods That Go Into the Mouth  {No matter how insignificant you think It is – believe me, It does matter}. If you’d like a copy of my chart, email me here Daily Tracking Food Chart.

Purchase a food nutrient dictionary. Measure everything per serving. Soon, you will be able to ‘eyeball’ what goes on your plate and into your mouth. While dining out, scrutinize the menu and order lean and mean entrees.  Ask your server if high fat or high sodium ingredient can be substituted.

No. 2. Keep it Moving to Stay Firm and Fit.

Take care of your body now so it’ll take care you later. Don’t expect perfectionism right off the bat. Begin slowly.

No. 3. Don’t Give Up

No. 4. Results = Diligence. In other words ‘stick with it’. There is no quick fix. Fad diets usually fail. Figure out why. I believe fewer health problems will arise later in life if one eats a sensible healthy diet. Consult with your doctor if you have any health issues now before engaging is a workout regimen and ‘diet’. Pay attention to medications and interactions with supplements and some foods.

What’s this? You have no time to exercise? There are many ways you can stay in shape utilizing just a few minutes out of every day. Try 10 – 20 reps of lunges, pushups, squats, lightly running in place, curls. You’ll feel great and your attitude will improve.

Beating the Winter Blues….Most of us ‘love sunshine’, so to work through the first few months of the year can be difficult until Spring rolls around. Keep a positive attitude and smile often.

So, after all is said here, have you thought about what your Lean and Mean in 2013 Goals are?

Confident Image offers a Six-Week Challenge. It’s part of the puzzle to ‘pull it all together for a polished, confident you. If you’d like the challenge, email me here (it includes the food tracking chart) Confident Image Six Week Challenge.

CIABC 30 MIN SL 1 jpeg


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