Look 5 Pounds Thinner Now With This Non-Gym Workout!

No matter what your fitness level is, one thing to remember is to not over-train. Why?      #1, you’ll burn out and #2 you’ll risk injury.

Train your muscles smarter with versatility. Muscles have memory. Get rid of the boredom and change out your routine. Muscles become damaged during a workout, so be sure to eat a light snack post workout – protein shake, banana with almond butter, etc.

The key to a successful workout is to remain diligent. Many of us declare to do just that beginning each New Year; Which was 32 days ago, how are you coming along with that?

There are days that you cannot get to the gym, right? Of course! Some days, life just gets in the way.

So, here are a few tips to look 5 pounds thinner on a non-gym day. . .

Start By Paying Attention To Your Posture!                                                                         You ask . . . Does that mean I have to practice walking with a book on my head? Give it a try  🙂  Slouching not only pulls down everything about your appearance and how you are perceived by others, it also changes how your muscles are activated. Your digestive system will appreciate good posture during standing, walking and sitting too.

GOOD POSTURE vs BAD POSTURE Look At Your Posture Others Do jpeg When you work on good posture, pull your shoulders back. This brings your head back into proper alignment (For some people, a decrease in headaches), activates your core, which aids in making your stomach appear flatter. Concentrate on keeping your arms at your sides when you walk vs. swinging them forward and back.

GOOD POSTURE vs BAD POSTURE Man & Woman jpegTo Look Thinner

  • Choose to wear medium to dark colors (refer to your Color Palette Swatches).
  • Wear clothing with vertical lines and/or designs (refer to your Silhouette Analysis).
  • Wear monochromatic color scheme from top to bottom (refer to your Color Palette Swatches).
  • Push long sleeves up and hold in place with sleeve guards.
  • Add shoulder pads to balance figure and draw attention upwards.
  • Don’t wear clothing with a horizontal line at the widest part of your body as it draws attention to that point.

 To Look Taller

  • Blend or match shoe, hose and hemline colors.
  • Wear nude heels.
  • Wear V-necklines to create a vertical line (refer to your Silhouette Analysis Guideline).
  • Wear open style jackets and pants (refer to your Silhouette Analysis Guideline).

Accentuate the Positive and Camouflage the Negative                                              For an in depth personalization to slim your silhouette ladies, schedule a Silhouette Analysis appointment today. Consultation available for men.  Contact me here


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