Transitioning Into Fall

One Season Ends Another Begins . . .

Shopping during the ‘End of Summer Sales’. 

You’ll find great bargains, but don’t buy everything you can get your hands on just because of the ‘sale’!

Stop and think what you ‘absolutely need’ to complete your spring/summer wardrobe. Think about which garments can take you from day-to-night (certainly not another tee – unless you must replace worn out or yellowed white ones).

Work through your closet and form a game plan to take along when foraging through the racks and racks of clearance items – you’ll be glad you did. It’ll save you time and money!

WhiteTees. This is the time to replace your older, worn out, yellowed tees. Buy a couple in different styles.

A White Button-Down Blouse/Shirt. 3/4 length for ladies is a comfortable summer sleeve length and can be worn under a jacket/blazer in colder temperatures.

A White Jacket is a must to wear over summer sundresses or tank tops for an evening occasion. Gents, now is the time to seek out a replacement summer white jacket.

Shorts. If you are in need, buy them now. Max out at 4 pairs of shorts. Choose from 1 dark, 1 light, 1 medium neutral and if you are so inclined – 1 in a pattern.

Build a few more pieces from this year’s Summer Fashion Shades. They will not be available next year. Always working within your season palette; However, you can purchase a favorite summer shade as in a skirt, pant, purse or shoes to complement ‘your’ season color palette. Your best shades are always worn closet to the face (upper body).

Shoes.  Ladies, now is the time to take inventory of yourTRANSITION FR SMR TO FALL 2013 WOMEN SUMMER ONLY jpeg shoes. Do you have at least five (5) neutral pairs of warm weather shoes? Consider stocking two nude styles 1 flat or low heel and 1 2” heel. This is a good time to look for nudes on sale ~ Nude is a terrific neutral. All sandals (for men and women) are a great buy at this time.

Raingear.  I would certainly recommend a classic raincoat in a neutral. You might get lucky and find one that has a removable lining, which will carry you into cooler days.

Read on . . .

TRANSITION FR SMR TO FALL 2013 PANTONE women jpegFall Trends 2013

Not everyone can purchase a completely new fall wardrobe, so

Once you’ve shopped the spring/summer clearance racks, washed and packed away clothes that have been worn (insects love soiled garments) and new clothes (you’ll need to wash out any extra dye or chemical finishes) pull out your fall clothes and take inventory.

Animal Print. Love animal print!  Don’t overdo it from head to toe. Accent  with a blouse, shoes or accessories. You get the idea. One focal point in animal print is plenty for the eye to take in! Be aware of your season palette when considering a dress, blouse or jewelry in animal print. Spring and Autumn palettes have the green light for the gold and black and Summer and Winter for silver and black. TRANSITION FALLWOMEN  2013 JPEG                                                                             Capes. Capes are very versatile and can be worn with just about everything.

Cat Themed Jewelry is coming about this season. Find a darling pair of earrings, bracelet or pin.

Emerald Green is ‘the’ Pantone Color of the Year. Depending on your season palette, wear appropriately on the body or accent pieces.

                                                                               Flower Prints for Fall are darker than the pastel summer prints, so be on the lookout for more muted shades.  If you like flower print, buy only a couple of pieces – they will go a long way.

Hats. Hats are cute this season. Choose a fun one and wear it often.

Houndstooth. Think of this pattern at your basic neutral print – it goes with just about everything!

Knee-length Skirts and Dresses. I love this length. It works well for the office and for those of us who are no longer in the 20’s age bracket.

Layering is still in. Easy does it with colors and patterns so as not to overwhelm the eye.

Leather. Study the new trends and look to see if you might have like items in your wardrobe. For instance, ladies, you might already have a leather pencil skirt, be it black or rich fall color.

Military. Military fashions are still strong this season. Add luxe with lace or brocade. A beautiful lace blouse or a brocade vest for example. Khaki green is the new staple shade, best suitable for Autumn season palette.

Peplum. If your silhouette allows, go for it in tops, jackets and dresses.

Print Scarves. Dress up or dress down an outfit with a beautiful print scarf.

Winter White. Try it in a coat, jacket or jeans. Winter palettes, take note your best white is a true white.

On to Men’s Fashions . . .

TRANSITION FR SMR TO FALL 2013 MEN PANTONE JPEGGreys. Dark Reds. Deep Browns.  . . . and the Brights.

Navy is a great staple and wears well. Pair it with some of the brighter colors in your season palette.

A neutral Beige Bomber Jacket or Baseball Jacket will do nicely.

A Tailored Winter Coat is the perfect outer layer for the cold weather.

Capes are very fashionable this season. Drape one on in a solid or print.

Houndstooth. Think of this as one of your neutral base patterns, so versatile!

Scarves are still in for this season. Dress them with anything.

Pull on a crew sweater with oversize block pattern.

Rugged Hiking Boots are ‘the’ boot to wear with your casual garb. Too rugged for you? Go for a Chukka in leather or suede.

TRANSITION FR SMR TO FALL 2013 MEN pptNot sure which Fall shades or fashion styles are right for you?

Confident Image offers services to help in these areas. A Color Analysis determines your most flattering shades. A Silhouette Analysis (for Women) determines clothing styles that  accentuate the positive and camouflage the negative.  Contact us here to set up an appointment.

Vintage Inspired Clothing for Women:

Vintage Inspired Clothing for Men & Women:





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