Dress to Impress. A Few Words to Gentlemen

A person meeting you for the first time will make approximately one dozen impressions about you within 30 seconds.

Below are a few tips you just might want to consider to look your best.

Get fitted for the classic navy suit. It’s a must for your wardrobe and will take you anywhere. Mix ‘n match it to expand your wardrobe.

Stripes are not exclusive to Zebras. Add a striped shirt to your wardrobe. This season the stripes are bigger and bolder. The finishing touch? A subtle patterned fall weight tie.

SUIT and TAILOR jpegBuy the highest quality clothing, accessories, and business tools you can afford. Paying attention to details will help set you apart.

Clothes wear out. Check for frays, holes or piling. Replace!

If you’ve lost or gained weight, be it muscle or fat, make the adjustment with alterations or replace the garment. This is where a good tailor makes you look your best.

Shoes also wear out, so do replace worn soles and heels. Keep shoes polished.

WORN and STORAGE jpegAnother important partner for your team is a good dry cleaner. They know their business and how to keep your clothing investment in tip top shape; Think ‘mystery stain’.

 Wind down for the weekend with a quality leather strap watch.

The casual short plaid jacket is in this season; Zip it or button it – your preference. Great for layering.

Take your deep tone top coat to the next level with a tartan plaid scarf; Red comes to mind; However, be sure it is the correct shade per your season palette.

Invest in a shearling jacket. It will last for years!CASUAL and COLOR jpeg

Step into a shoe and a boot that you can wear through rain, sleet and snow.

Of course, the versatile denim shirt is always in style for a trip to the apple orchard, casual events and errands.

Remember to add a long sleeve polo shirt.

A sport coat is extremely versatile. It’ll be your grab-it-and-go jacket and elevate your chinos or jeans.

Be comfortable with your body type and clothing style. When you learn which styles best suit you, you’ll feel terrific. When you look good, you feel good and that projects confidence to others.

Get a handle on your closet. It is important to be able to go to your closet and not be overwhelmed by what you see or can’t see. Hang suits on wooden hangers that include a slacks bar, not a wire bar which will cause a crease. Remove dry cleaner bags before hanging garments in the closet as many fabrics need to ‘breathe’.

FOOD STAINS and INSECTS jpeg Regularly change out seasonal clothing and shoes. Clothing should be laundered or dry-cleaned prior to storage (Insects love soiled clothing). Store garments in the appropriate garment bag, container or chest of drawers…remembering cedar blocks and lavender sachets.

First impressions matter. What does yours tell others about you?

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